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Image by Thomas Jensen


Our ethical hackers will test your systems for vulnerabilities, review configurations and your network design. After testing, they will provide you a report with actionable recommendations, a risk assessment, a road map, and ongoing support.

Our network vulnerability assessments start at $600 for up to 254 hosts.



Sometimes we need to assess the security of networks that are unstable or mission critical. Our ethical hackers will analyze installed software, configurations, patching, and network design without the use of automated tools to ensure there are no disruptions. This is especially important in industrial control networks.


Image by Christopher Gower



Our ethical hackers will attach a device to your network and start automated vulnerability testing on your systems. While the automated test is running, they will review network design and configuration to identify any weaknesses. After testing is complete, they will assemble a report with recommendations, a road map, a risk assessment, and ongoing support.

Wireless Assessments

Our ethical hackers will perform testing on your wireless network, search for rogue access points, and setup evil-twin access points.

Continuous Attack Simulation

We will setup simulation software on your workstations that will provide near real-world simulations of security breaches and measure the effectiveness of current security controls continuously.

Phishing Assessments

Our ethical hackers will use real-world techniques to attempt to trick your users into falling for phishing attempts. We will use look-alike domains, user impersonation, and publicly available information to craft our attacks.

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