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Risk & Security Management Services

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Vulnerability Management

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Penetration Testing

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Configuration Auditing

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Employee Training

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Physical Security

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Corporate Image Testing

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is critical to protecting your business. Unpatched systems can compromise entire networks in minutes, and vulnerable applications can leave your data exposed to hackers.

Our consultants will help your team implement an effective vulnerability management program that works for your business environment.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing protects your business by auditing the security controls currently in place. 

Our ethical hackers will test your critical systems, infrastructure, and personnel using the same techniques as the bad guys. We will then provide you with a detailed report of the teams' findings, including vendor agnostic advice on how to further secure your environment.

Configuration Auditing

Configuration errors are commonplace in business information systems. These configurations errors are rarely intended and can have disastrous consequences for businesses. 

Our consultants will evaluate your information systems infrastructure for best practices and misconfigurations. Any issues found will be prioritized by risk with accompanying vendor agnostic advice to assist your team with remediation.

Employee Training

Do your employees effectively identify phishing attacks? Do they understand the consequences of malware in the workplace? 

Employees can be the most significant liability to your organizational security but, with security training, they will quickly become part of the solution. Our experts can help your employees understand what threats businesses face today. We offer hands-on workshops both onsite and at our office, as well as online training programs.

VM & Pentesting
Config & Training
Physical & Image

Physical Security

Have you ever heard of dumpster diving?

Dumpster diving is the act of searching the trash and or recycling bins used by your business for improperly discarded confidential information. Dumpster diving is just one of many areas businesses often overlook when implementing physical security. 

Our security consultants will assess your premises to make sure the right security controls are in place. 

Corporate Image Testing

In today's mobile workforce your corporate assets are likely to travel far from the workplace. We test your corporate image to make sure your devices can remain secure whether they are stolen, used on public networks,  or attacked by malicious parties. 

Our threat lab allows us to test your image in a controlled hostile environment. In this environment, we will expose it to the latest malware, hacking techniques, emanation testing, and vulnerability scanning.

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