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During a penetration test, our team of experienced penetration testers will audit your security controls simulating a real attack.

Before testing, we help you select the type of penetration test that best fits your organization's needs and maturity. Once testing is complete, you will get a report with actionable recommendations, a road map that considers your team's workload, and ongoing support to resolve vulnerabilities.

We measure our success not by whether we can compromise your business, but by how much we improve your security.

Sage ISG Penetration Testing Methodology

White Box

During a white box test we work with your team every step of the way. This type of testing is typically the most thorough, but does not adequately simulate a real world attack.

Grey Box

Often a good compromise, grey box testing will involve an accomplice on the inside. This allows the penetration testing team to focus their efforts and simulates a real world attack.

Black Box

The penetration testing team will attack using the same techniques as criminals. Though not the most thorough, this type of testing will test both your technology and your people. Our ethical hackers will search for any and all ways to gain access.


Selecting the right type of penetration test can be a difficult task. Below we have included some short descriptions of the types of penetration tests that we offer.

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