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Our team members have experience across multiple verticals. This experience allows team members to understand better our customers' business needs, terminology, and objectives.


Image by Sean Pollock

Oil & Gas

Our team members have been working in the oil and gas industry for more than ten years. We have successfully deployed management tools, guided operating system migrations, and architected secure virtual desktop environments.


Our team has provided insurance companies with services such as enterprise security architecture, process and system design, security program performance management, and control gap assessments.


Our team has successfully found security vulnerabilities in educational institutions and ensured they were remediated before being discovered by the bad guys.


Our governance and risk team has provided corporate policy development and review services for financial institutions.


Our governance and risk team has performed risk assessments and ISO 27001 gap assessments for legal firms.


Our team has performed vulnerability management program design and implementation for mining companies.


Our team has successfully managed over 18000 retail systems over three years without a single security incident.


Our team has performed enterprise security architecture services for utility companies, implementing intrusion detection and secure private cloud architecture, and successfully responding to security breaches.


Our ethical hacking team has successfully gained access to critical airport systems, measured security team's response capabilities, and provided a detailed report with actionable recommendations.

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