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Our team created OrbitalCyber with the hope of solving a common problem we observed in our assessments. Due to cost or complexity, many businesses were not performing regular vulnerability scans on all of their assets. OrbitalCyber bridges this gap, providing an affordable vulnerability assessment solution that is easy to deploy and manage at scale. All new customer accounts are provided with a $30 trial balance that allows new customers to try the product before they decide if it is right for them; no credit card is required.

Key Benefits

Lightning Fast Deployments

Daily Database Updates


Cloud Ready

10 Minutes From Signup to First Scan

Cost Effective

Deploy In

Deployment of OrbitalCyber is as simple as downloading the virtual appliance and running it on a hypervisor. Our platform ensures the virtual appliance is already configured with secure API keys prior-to your download, ensuring the deployment process is secure.

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Cloud Ready

Our virtual appliances are cloud compatible. Download the virtual appliance to your system, follow the deployment guide to upload the scanner to a cloud platform of your choice, and start scanning!

Secure by Design


All data stored by OrbitalCyber, including files and database records, are encrypted at rest. All communication with the OrbitalCyber servers is also encrypted using secure SSL communications.

Access Control

Delegated access control is implemented within OrbitalCyber, allowing scanner owners to determine who can read and write to scanners, tasks, and even reports. Giving you flexibility and control over your organization's data.

Two-Factor Auth.

OrbitalCyber as a platform mandates two-factor authentication for user logins. Furthermore, OrbitalCyber notifies users when a new session is created with relevant details such as from where the session originated.


OrbitalCyber audits all create, delete, and modify events. Ensuring you know exactly when, where, and who performed an action on your management console.

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